Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Great Whales & Military Sonar Tests

May 23, 2009

President Barack Obama

The White House,
District of Columbia 20500

Dear Mr. President,

A few years ago, I became aware of military testing of sound frequencies in the ocean. I am writing because that kind of testing endangers the natural life cycle of whales and other cetaceans by disrupting the vibrations of their calls across the ocean. They can't communicate with each other or find their way. In many reports, their communication organs, the parts of their bodies that they use to talk to and hear each other, are destroyed by the ultra low and other frequencies used undersea by the military in these tests.

It is important to me that something like this technology be scrutinized and regulated or halted immediately, because of the violent damage it does to marine organisms. It is unethical for our military to use technology that disables this inherently valuable species of life. Whales are amazing natural creatures who have a place in the ecosystem of Planet Earth. In fact, we do not know the role that they might play in the natural balance of things.

Please immediately do what you can to halt undersea tests that hurt cetaceans.


Jadene F.


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