Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clean Water & Air Is a Basic Right We Have to Protect - Here's What You Can Do

So I work at a nonprofit office, and I'm daily made aware of shifts and achievements in the Environmental movement. Today it was announced that Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has put forward an amendment to the Clean Air Act that was written by industry lobbyists representing air polluters! It's obvious that she's been paid off, but by letting our Senators know we are aware of and opposed to the amendment she's been paid to propose, our clout can (is usually what) put a stop to big destruction of Clean Air Act protections. If you call 202-224-3121 you can tell your Senator's office that you want her or him to oppose the Murkowski amendment to the Clean Air Act. Actions like this do make the difference! Please take two minutes out of your busy day to make this call. Also on the chopping block is the Clean Water Act! In 2001 and 2006 two Supreme Court decisions created a loophole that has since then allowed major polluters to pour toxins into waterways not classified as "navigable." The obvious thing here is that streams and other waterways not navigable by ships are source feeders to major water bodies. The impetus for action is that millions of people get their drinking water from lakes and rivers fed by the tributaries being polluted. Please take a minute or five out of your packed schedule to voice your support for the Clean Water Restoration Act. You can call the number above and ask for the offices of your Representatives and Senators. This legislation restores the original 1970's Clean Water Act to protect all water in the United States. It is our only protection for drinking water in the country, so it's vital we restore its protections. Thank you so much. StumbleUpon

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