Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Is the USDA's Responsibility Regarding CAFOs & Their Effect On the Environment?

To the USDA,
I am writing because I'm alarmed about Confined Animal Feeding Operations. The USDA is allowing animal abuse in the millions. These places brutally harm and create disease and suffering in animals used for food. Why is this allowed? I understand that there are laws for humane animal treatment that do not "cover" animals used for food, and that the USDA does not make laws. However, it is a huge food safety issue that CAFOs confine animals in their own fecal waste for extended periods. It is a serious pollution of the food supply that animals in CAFOs are fed "corn" that is not actually corn anymore, and forced medicines to try and keep them alive on the unnatural "food" they are fattened on. Infections that go untreated for the life of food animals isn't healthy as far as food production goes. Cages that do not allow natural movement do not constitute healthy and safe food production conditions. Animals not allowed to breathe dust and particulate free air, see the sun, or eat green grass are not healthy or natural, and they do not make a healthy or safe food product. Also, environmental pollution is heavy, with livestock waste pouring overland and into waterways from these facilities. Pollution on this scale affects other food sources negatively.
I feel these facts should be obvious to the USDA. I furthermore would like to hear the USDA's explanation for its inaction regarding the issues of food safety posed by CAFOs. Third, if the USDA feels that conditions in CAFOs are outside of its responsibility, I want to know what governmental or private body the USDA leaves this responsibility to.
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